An Apple a Day… (Day 1)

day 1

It’s so very true – and while everyone in America seems to know how this phrase is finished, they don’t all seem to understand it. What we have forgotten in how to eat right and take care of ourselves every day to prevent those doctor visits.

And that’s the key – every day. Health isn’t something you can go back and forth with, it’s a constant, every day focus. I admit, I’ve been bad sometimes, and it’s never going to be black and white, but eating healthy is something that I strive to remind myself of every day – an apple a day, one day at a time.

Over the last year I’ve been in search of an app or blog or something that would be all-encompassing and inspiring for me and the challenges faced when trying to be healthy each of these days. I’ve come close – but never quite what I was looking for. So I’ve decided to do it myself. Over the next 120 days (that’s how many days until I compete in World’s!) I will post a fact or quote about staying healthy, inspired and/or motivated. Join me if you’d like, and we can make this a fun, positive, and fabulous 4 months!

Here we go!


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