Day 3: Enter the World of Juicing

day 3

It’s time to talk a bit about juicing!  I was very skeptical at first – I’d heard it was expensive, used A LOT of fruits and veggies to just get one cup of juice, and wasn’t sure it was worth all the hassle, expense and time.  But like anything I’ve discovered in this last year of optimum health, once you get over your excuses and fears about something new and actually try it – it’s totally worth it!

Need a recipe, and a little help putting together a juice that you’ll like?  Check out Kris Carr’s Green Juice Recipe. She is an absolutely fabulous person who loves green juice and is one of the many that really inspired me to try the “big, scary, and unknown” world of juicing!

If you’re not quite ready to make your own yet, or are short on time there are plenty of grocery stores, co-ops and even juice bars (we’re still waiting for one here in Minnesota!) where you can pick up a healthy, fresh juice to try it out.  You can mix and match and try different combinations to see which you like best.  And don’t be shy, the more juice you drink, the more different flavors you”ll realize you enjoy!

My personal favorite in the morning is still orange-carrot juice, but I always try to have a green juice filled with celery, cucumbers, green apples (I’m still working on full-on veggie juices!), and a little kale for a mid-morning snack.  There is no limit to the different mixtures you can try!

Another great resource to check out is the movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  You can watch it now on Netflix, or for  free on here.


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