Day 10: Namaste

day 10

Namaste – most commonly known here as the phrase used at the end of a yoga class.  It’s such a powerful phrase, and inspiring, but it took me awhile to understand what it meant.  A quick google search certainly helped, but it hasn’t been until the past few classes I’ve attended where I’ve really understood.

I have been doing yoga for almost 8 years (since I could no longer do gymnastics after an injury in college) and it still surprises me to this day.  Classes are so personal, yet supportive.  Poses are all about you, yet, the collective breathing of the class requires everyone to work together and support each other through the challenges of balances and strengthening exercises.  It’s such a great way to wrap up the class –  with compassion, understanding and support to everyone, from all walks of life, who made it through the class together.  And it is wishing your teacher and fellow yogi’s the best in their day ahead.

I hope you have a great day ahead as well!  Namaste!


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