Day 12: 3 Healthy Travel Tips

day 12

I’m writing this post from Dallas, TX right now, as I have been here for the past few days visiting a friend, and taking a bit of time away from work.  Traveling has always been a huge passion of mine, but it’s definitely a challenge to try to stay healthy on the road!

Here are 3 tips for what I do to try to stay healthy and happy while away from home:

1. Stock up on granola bars, trail mix, vitamins, and anything that can fit on a plane that you can snack on throughout your trip.  This way you don’t find yourself starving at dinner, and you decide to get that cream-based soup, or a side of french fries instead of a salad.

2. Take time in the morning for a bit of yoga, stretching or breathing exercises.  Just like when you’re at home and you have a morning routine, take time to establish a short routine of your own.

3. Go for a walk.  In my opinion, going for a nice, long walk is the best way to stretch your legs after a plane ride and to enjoy and explore a new city or neighborhood.  You never know what you’ll find!


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