Day 15: Vitamin D

day 15

This is one of my favorite vitamins, because the best way to receive Vitamin D is to go out in the sun!  Soak up the sunshine, go for a walk, lay on your patio, drink in the warm feelings & enjoy the beautiful rays!

I’m big into water skiing, so in the summer I am always outside, near the water, and under the sun.  There’s just something so happy about being outside and collecting the sun’s rays.  It also helps regulate your immune system and maintain cognitive function (hello happiness!).

Here is an interesting article suggesting the use of Coconut oil as sunscreen.  She also suggests that you actually don’t want to use high sunscreens as they lower your body’s ability to soak up the sun, and in turn, vitamin D.  While I’m not saying that she is right, it is an interesting argument!

Learn more about vitamin d on this website.


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