Day 22: Health Benefits from 1 Smile

day 22

It’s one of the best anti-depressants out there – and it’s contagious (Over 50% of people will smile back at you if you show them smile first!).  Here are 5 health benefits to adding just 1 smile to your day:

1. Boosts Mood: even if your smile isn’t genuine at first, the act of it signals endorphins to work to quickly make that smile look and feel real.

2. Reduce Stress: those same endorphins work to counteract and diminish stress hormones.

3.  Lowers Blood Pressure: smiling slows the heart and relaxes your body.

4. Increase Productivity: it makes tasks seems more enjoyable, and you’ll find more passion in your work.

5. Look Younger: studies have shown that people who smile in pictures look 3 years younger on average!


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