Day 35: Adding Life to Your Years

day 35

Yoga teaches us to live in the present.  Living in the present helps to add life (and adventure) to your years – and keeps you healthy for so much longer – effectively adding years to your life!

There’s something so fulfilling about completing yoga practice each day with an inspired mindset – I feel more connected to my body, am proud of what it accomplished, and am always a bit in awe how it is just a little different every day.  Perhaps balance poses are harder than normal one day, or a hamstring just doesn’t want to stretch the next – but there is beauty in knowing that tomorrow could be an awesome day, and I could finally connect the dots and just rock camel pose!  Who hasn’t been a little bit excited when a pose all of a sudden clicks for you, and you realize – both mentally and physically – that something you’ve been working towards, finally comes to be?  It’s a pretty incredible notion, and one that spans beyond yoga.

It teaches me to work hard every day towards small goals, which will eventually lead me to small inspirations.  If today isn’t my day at work, I know that there’s always tomorrow.  Mentally and physically, I can tackle anything – and that includes a little adventure once in a while 🙂


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