Day 38: Benefits of Cobra Pose

day 38

I used to hate having to do cobra pose – it was a weird transition during vinyasas and wasn’t as seen as being as “challenging” as upward-facing dog. It felt awkward, and like I wasn’t quite doing it right.  But it’s got a lot of benefits for your body – including spine strengthening, firming that booty, opening your heart (physically AND mentally!), stimulating those abdominal organs (hello metabolism!) and helping to prevent stress and fatigue.

I’m not gonna lie, now I smile a little whenever I do cobra pose – it’s kinda fun, and I know how great it is for me!  I’m hoping to find the benefits of a few more of my least-favorite poses in the next coming weeks – that way I can look forward to those a bit more too 🙂

What are some of your least favorite yoga poses?  (C’mon – we all have them!)


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