Rock Bottom

I think it takes a huge loss for someone to realize they’ve hit rock bottom… no… it’s beyond that… you have to fall several feet below rock bottom.  Depression – it’s like you’ve gone below rock bottom, then you have to be kicked about 4 times while laying below rock bottom.. and then you reach your hand out for help, only to have no one grab it.

And it’s at that point you realize.

No one can live your life but you. 

No one will love you or see the value in you until you love yourself first. 

So you pick your ass up off that dirty cement and you do the only thing you can at that moment – you try to tell someone that you’ve got an issue.  You somehow, in your own way, try to tell them that you’re stuck, and you’re not happy.  It’s the equivalent of feeling as though every single bone in your body is broken except one… and there is only one person who can prevent that last one from breaking…. your mind has become so broken, so twisted… its so hard to explain.  But if you’re lucky – that person you turn to –  they’ll help you figure out where to go.

And if you are lucky enough to be that person for someone, I hope you know what to do.  I hope you listen.  I hope you give them hope.  Give them a hand. You can’t solve all their problems – please know that.  But if you point them to the right place… you will forever have saved their life.


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